Founded by the legendary Peter Lyngdorf, this high end audio amplification company prides itself on the highest quality components and manufacturing standards known within the industry. Lyngdorf products allow you to hear the music exactly as the musician and engineers intended, bringing the world of home cinema to life in ways never achieved before. Designers of the first fully digital AV amplifier, their pedigree in the field of audio and video reproduction is second to none.



The MP-60 is the flagship of Lyngdorf Audio’s processors. Featuring state of the art digital signal technology, the MP-60 is a fully digital workhorse ideal for those looking for the ultimate cinema experience. Coupled with Lyngdorf’s patented RoomPerfect correction technology this processor offers performance that very little can beat. Featuring 8 HDMI inputs and 3 HDMI outputs supporting the latest HDMI 2.1 technology and a full 16 channel surround decoder supporting Atmos, DTS:X Pro and other 3D surround formats, it can cover even the most complex of home cinema entertainment requirements. A true work of art, the Lyngdorf MP-60 stands up against any processor in its class.

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The MP-50 audio processor is an all digital masterpiece from Lyngdorf. Based on the ultra-high end, closed system P200 processor from Steinway Lyngdorf, the MP-50 is designed to offer exceptional performance in a more versatile package, allowing integration with other systems and speakers to allow you to create the ultimate home cinema package from your favourite brands. With 8 HDMI Inputs and 2 HDMI outputs, and 16 audio outputs supporting atmos and other 3D surround systems, you can be sure that the MP-50 is capable of supporting your home cinema sound needs. Also included are useful features such as Spotify connect, Airplay and Internet radio to make this system more than just a cinema processor.

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Offering all the sonic capabilities of the flagship MP-60, the MP-40 is ideal for smaller applications and those who want the iconic Lyngdorf sound without all the fancy features offered by the top of the range model. With 12 native channel decoding and 16 balanced audio outputs, the MP-40 is capable of high quality immersive sound and supports all the popular surroud formats including Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D as standard. Also included is the state of the art Lyngdorf RoomPerfect processing and calibration to optimise your MP-40 for a premium home cinema performance unlike any other.

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The SDA-2400 Amplifier by Lyngdorf offers both analog and digital inputs making it a truly versatile piece of hardware that compliments any home cinema setup where passive speakers are in play. No ordinary Class D digital amplifier, the SDA-2400 has an excellent signal to noise ratio and unbeatable low level distortion creating the purest playback of any media source played through it. Great for cinephiles and audiophiles alike, the SDA-2400 is an excellent choice in passive speaker amplification.

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The TDA-3400 is Lyngdorf’s most powerful amp to date and has a host of features making it an excellent choice for powering your home audio system and getting the most out of your set-up. It includes both audio and video inputs creating a flexible and useful amplifier that can also connect to streaming services such as Spotify Connect and others. Controllable via the Lyngdorf App, the TDA-2400 is easy to set up and will have your system sounding its best in no time. With up to 2 x 400W of class-D power this amplifier is a serious piece of kit.

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Built like a tank and sporting the classic Lyngdorf chassis, the TDAI-2170 is a completely digital amplifier capable of producing world class sound reproduction with a noiseless clarity that few can match. A two channel amp with a max of 170W per side, the TDAI-2170 is more than powerful enough to offer high volume playback without distortion. Couped with Roomperfect technology, you can be sure that your system will sound at its best regardless of speaker placement.

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The MH-3 is a surprisingly discreet and compact speaker considering the sound is can reproduce. Designed to be used in a setup that includes subwoofers, the 4″ driver houses an extremely powerful magnet resulting in higher sensitivity and a linear performance unmatched by its peers, creating a wide dynamic range perfect for playback of any media type.

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Lyngdorf’s MH-2 speakers are an exceptional feat of engineering and offer uncompromising sound in a small footprint. Designed to be as slim as possible to avoid any tonal interference from the cabinet, these speakers can be used on their own or complimented by a subwoofer for the ultimate aural experience.

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The FR-1 is a full range audio loudspeaker that can be used independently from any subwoofers and offers a world class sound reproduction that characterises Lyngdorf audio. Designed to be wall mounted, the slim chassis keeps the speaker closely coupled to the room, minimising any cabinet interference and fitting in with the decor due to its classic design. A 6.5″ driver offers exceptional performance and the soft dome tweeter compliments the driver offering an increased sensitivity for uncompromising sound.

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BW-3 Subwoofer

The BW-3 is a feat of engineering coupled with over 15 years experience in high end audio systems from Lyngdorf and is designed as a high bandwidth Subwoofer. Normal subs tend to be limited in their range to approx 120Hz and pick up the low frequency rumbles to accompany the main speakers. The BW-3 is capable of much more and can reach frequencies up to 8ooHz making this an ideal choice for a boundary sub in a high end system. 400W of power is more than enough for any home setup and with precision Class D power amplification designed in-house by Lyngdorf, you can fully expect a sensational listening experience in any environment.

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BW-2 Subwoofer

This sleek looking Subwoofer is an excellent addition to any home cinema or audiophiles equipment list and works just as well with other models of amplifier as it does with Lyngdorf’s own. A high performance sub capable of reproducing signals as high as 800Hz, makes the BW-2 an excellent choice for your boundary sub, elevating any musical performance or sound reproduction to a higher plain. With 400W of power and positionable either vertically or horizontally you’re sure to find space for this attractive and powerful box.

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