Projector and Sound Calibration

Projector, TV and Audio Calibration

If you really want your home cinema room performing at its best, then we suggest booking a home cinema calibration session.

Home cinema calibration offers in-depth colour and audio tweaking on a level way beyond what even the best system out of the box can offer. Some manufacturers offer basic automated calibration algorithms within their products, but there’s nothing like an experienced set of eyes and ears to really bring out the best within a home theatre set-up.

With increased depth of field, more realistic colour palettes and a super sharp image, watch movies as the director intended and really see how your projector can perform when calibrated by our professional calibrator.

All makes and models will benefit from this service and re-discover old movies you love like you’re watching them for the first time.

In addition to colour calibration, we also offer professional sound calibration service to really bring your speaker system to life. Hear the action in front, behind and above you like you’ve never heard it before.

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