Home Cinema

We specialise in Home Cinema installation and maintenance, offering full and part build services alongside regular servicing and upgrading of existing systems. 

Components to a Home Cinema installation.


An AVR (Audio Video Receiver ) provides the routing for your sound and video sources, it receives, decodes and sends the data in the optimal format to your projector/TV and speakers.

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Power Amplifier

A power amplifier increases the loudness of the audio signal from the AVR to feed the speakers, enabling sound to be reproduced at an audible volume.

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Projector & Lenses

A projector projects an image onto your screen to allow you to view video footage. With 4K UHD models now available at affordable prices, there’s really no excuse to compromise here.

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Screens & TVs

The screen will provide the visual aspect of your home cinema room. From a standard 4K TV to a custom large screen. We have what’s right to give you a home cinema experience.

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Offering the very best in loudspeakers, we can recommend a suitable solution for any configuration of sound, including Dolby Atmos, we’ve got you covered.

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Video Sources

Play back your favourite film or TV show using a range of sources such as a Blu-ray player, Apple TV, Fire TV, Sky Q & Kaleidescape. We have the knowledge across a broad range of sources for your system.

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