Speakers are an essential part of the home cinema experience and as with all the equipment, there are considerations to make when buying the correct surround speakers for your system. Home surround speakers can start at a low price but in this case, its true to say that you get what you pay for.

The more spent on your speaker system, the better the experience. This is down to the components and engineering required to get the best sound reproduction possible and that kind of quality comes at a price.

The reason is that good quality sound reproduction is actually quite a hard skill to achieve. Poor quality speakers can colour the sound and may not have the required frequency range for accurate sound reproduction.

When considering speakers, be sure to look at surround system speakers and don’t forget the subwoofer. 

The Subwoofer takes charge of all your low frequency action and is arguably the most important speaker in your system. It also helps to ensure your surround speakers are what we call  matched.

This means that they have been tested and offer the same frequency response and sound reproduction as the other speakers in the system. This can be crucial to accurate playback.

JacobsAV is proud to be an authorised dealer for M&K Speakers. M&K have a heritage that surpasses many other brands and we believe offers one of the best cinematic experiences in terms of audio transparency that money can buy.