Audio Video Receivers

An Audio Video Receiver (or AVR for short) is the heart of your home cinema. Providing the routing for your sound and video sources, it receives, decodes and sends the data in the optimal format for playback through your projector/TV and speakers 

Almost all AVRs (Audio Video Receivers) support surround sound and the higher end models can process the latest formats of Dolby Atmos and DTS audio to really take your home cinema experience to another level.

There are two types of receiver, those with amplifiers built in known as an AVR and those without known as a Processor, allowing you to use separate power amps to feed your speakers or for use with active speakers and no power amps.

Most systems support a minimum of 5.1 (5 speakers and 1 subwoofer). Newer AVRs and Processors support advanced speakers setups such as 7.2.4 (the first number is the amount of speakers around the room, second is the subwoofers and the third is the ceiling speakers) allowing excellent flexibility and sound reproduction. 

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AVRs and Processors have come on substantially in the last decade and now offer expanded feature sets more than just the volume and routing of sources.

Features such as speaker room correction, advanced EQ and network control features as standard on most models.

We are authorised dealers for Steinway Lyngdorf, Lyngdorf and Anthem brands and these offer some of the best in home cinema audio processing that money can buy.