Video Sources

Video sources are media playback devices connected to your home cinema system that allow you to watch your favourite film or series, connect you to streaming and television services or allow you to watch local media stored on a device within the network.

Video sources can be placed into 5 categories:

DVD/Blu-ray players, broadcast receivers (such as Sky and Virgin boxes), media servers (Plex on a NAS drive, or dune player), games consoles (Xbox One X or PS4) and online streamer boxes (Amazon TV or Apple TV).

Most of these sources now support 4K/UHD (apart from DVD) but for some of these, this can depend on your home network and internet capabilities.

There are arguments for and against purchasing high-end players and streamers but the simple fact is that better components produce better results.

The video source is essentially the start of the home cinema chain so what you put in really affects what comes out.

From there, setup and calibration is essential in order to allow the technology to perform at its best.

It is quite common for us to come into a home cinema with a lot of very expensive equipment, yet it is not set up and calibrated to perform at its best.