Projector Screens

Picking a projector screen to complement your projector can sometimes be a tricky business. A good home cinema projector screen is made of acoustically transparent and highly reflective material.

A properly set up cinema system will have the front speakers hidden away in the correct position behind the screen for an accurate Dolby surround speaker configuration.

There are two main types of screen, fixed frame and roll away designed to suit your room. 

Roll away are usually housed in the ceiling and can be either manually pulled down or rolled down on a motorised roller. Some projectors come with a 12v trigger so that you can activate the motor to roll the screen down when the projector is turned on, or with a smart control system. There is an element of compromise with a roll down screen and if you have the space, we recommend using a fixed frame screen. 

The benefit of a fixed frame screen is that it is lighter weight and there are less moving parts to break, because if the roller system stops working, you are stuck with no screen until it gets fixed. Not everyone has the space available for a fixed frame so this is usually a personal choice for the buyer.

Another important decision to make is the aspect ratio of the screen.

The most common choices are a 16:9 and a 2.35/2.39:1 anamorphic aspect screen.

If you mainly watch HD TV and the odd movie then 16:9 is probably the best choice for you, however if you’re a big movie fan and mainly watch movies in your home cinema, then a 2.39:1 cinemascope screen is a better choice for you.