Power Amplifiers

A power amp (or amp for short) increases the loudness of an audio signal to feed your passive speaker, enabling sound to be reproduced at an audible volume. This connects between the audio processor and the speaker and is an integral part of any good home cinema system.

Power amplifiers do so much more than just increase the loudness of a signal.

Depending on the components used and the design of the amplifier signal chain, the tonal balance can be affected, colouring the sound.

As a general rule, the higher the quality of the components, the more transparency of the audio signal and the more true to the original audio source.

Speakers also have a similar effect on the sound, but we’ll cover that in another section.


Amplifiers are rated in maximum watts and ohm loads, and it is important to match your power amplifier to your speakers in order to avoid distortion or damage to the loud speaker.

An AVR (Audio Visual Receiver) have amps built in and this can be a cost effective method of deployment.

In order to get the very best performance from your home cinema system, we recommend an audio processor, which then feeds power amplifiers, which then feed the speakers.